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Dr. Michelle Sands, ND

(Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Top Naturopathic Physician for High Achieving Women)
Dr. Michelle Sands is an internationally recognized Naturopathic Physician (ND), Functional Medicine Doctor, Certified Epigenetics Coach, and the creator of The GLOW Protocol.

She is also the author of the #1 Best Selling book, Hormone Harmony Over 35”.

Dr. Sands is a wife is passionate about helping others achieve optimal health by empowering them to be their own healers.

Dr. Michelle breaks down complex topics like genetics and hormones, making them easy to understand.

She loves to teach others how simple it can be to harness the power of nature and tap into their body’s innate healing abilities.

Her clinic, Glow Natural Wellness, has been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox as well as over 500 media outlets because of the unparalleled success of her signature system – The GLOW Protocol

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Elena Villanueva
I love Dr. Sands approach of finding the root cause of health issues. Her Knowledge in how to use a natural approach to allow the body to heal is much safer than prescription drugs! She is the BEST at understanding how to balance hormones and her programs are simply amazing. Highly recommend Dr. Sands to anyone looking for real and lasting solutions for their health!
Sandra D.
...for the first time in my adult life, I am drug free and actually feel better than I can remember ever feeling.
...since working with Michelle I have lost 32 pounds, without even trying.
Sheila G.
...because of this experience, I was given a promotion and a bonus at work – which paid for my whole year of work with Dr. Michelle!!