Revealed: Harvard Doctor's Secret to Never Getting Sick...

Simple at-home “cheek test” reveals hidden gaps in your immune system that are leaving you defenseless against disease...  

And the at-home solution thousands are using to “fill the gaps” to achieve superhuman levels of immunity…in as little as one day

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Take this 20-second quiz to see if you have GAPS in your immune system...

Do you suffer from more than one cold or flu per season?
Do you take medications regularly?
Do you experience difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep?
Are you exposed to stressful situations?
Do you smoke?
Do you often feel fatigued or tired?
​Do you have food sensitivities?
Do you suffer from any chronic conditions, diseases or
Do you eat refined sugar, packaged foods, or out at restaurants?

The more YES answers that you listed, the bigger your GAPS are likely to be, and the less effective your immune system will be.

But don't worry if you answered YES to most of the questions. It doesn't mean that having a weak immune system is your destiny!

In a minute I’ll tell you why these gaps exist in the first place…

And the ultra-simple solution that’s now available.

And the best part is that any human with a pulse can do it..without ever leaving their house!  

But first I want to ask you a question...


If 100 people are exposed to the same deadly virus, will they all die?

The answer is No.

Some will suffer with terrible symptoms, treatment attempts will fail and they will eventually die.

Some will get sick and need treatment, but make a full recovery.

Some will show minor symptoms, but make a full recovery without any medical treatment.

And still others will show no symptoms at all. They walk away completely healthy.

But why is this?

Why wouldn't the virus affect everyone the same way?  

It’s because those who suffered from the more severe illness had GAPS in their immune system.

And many of those GAPS are a result of their genes.

They were born that way.

Which means that their immunity is compromised and not able to handle the same virus that hardly affected other people.

But I have good news for anyone suffering from a weak immune system.

Because your genetic makeup does not have to determine your destiny.
" I can’t believe I missed my best friend’s wedding. I was supposed to be the maid of honor! Instead I had to be hospitalized for the flu...again "
“And that was the 2nd time this year that I’ve been in the hospital, Dr. Sands…"
"My friend even planned her wedding for July so that it wouldn’t be during flu season"

"That’s how important it was to her for me to be there"

"I ruined my best friend’s dream wedding...And I’ll never get the chance to be there for the biggest day of her life.” 

“I’m just at my wit’s end,” Debrah sobbed.
“I’m just don't understand why I always have to be sick…”
My heart ached as I handed her a tissue to wipe the mascara that was running down her cheeks. Because I could relate to her pain.  Missing once-in-a-lifetime events can be soul-crushing. 
I know because that used to be me.  I could feel the empathy washing over me as I listened to Debbie continue.

“I just don’t get it. I’m only 43 and I take great 
care of myself.”

"I’m in my CrossFit gym 4-5 days a week, I eat a healthy diet made up of organic, natural foods…And I spend about $400 a month on supplements."
“Yet I’m always exhausted, I keep putting on weight, and I get terribly sick 3-4 times a year. ”   

“I don’t get what I’m doing wrong.”

“Meanwhile, my husband’s parents (who are in their 70s) seem to stay healthy even through the cold season. Seriously, their “colds” only last a day or two...when they actually do get them.” 

“But I seem to have colds that last for months.”
“It just doesn’t make sense.” 
It’s a sad story, for sure. But the unfortunate truth is that it DOES make sense.   

Because not everyone’s immune systems are created equal.

While your age, how well you take care of yourself, and the supplements you take DO influence your immune system...

They're NOT the ONLY decider in how effective your immunity is.

But thanks to this groundbreaking new method that I was telling you about…

Keep reading to learn about:

  • The REAL reason you always have colds or feel run down. (Hint: It has nothing to do with vitamin ‘C’ or elderberry)
  • Why the “one size fits all” mentality is hurting supplement users...and how my “GLOW Method” will probably be standard medical practice soon (once the rest of the field catches up)
  • ​The 11 lifestyle factors you should be focusing on right now (one of them you can do from bed, and requires almost no effort)...And the reason you’ve been wasting your time and energy fighting your own body.
  • An owner’s manual for YOUR body? How to create one for your exact just 4 steps.
  • ​Why “personalized nutrition” has been a barbaric guessing game up to this point...and why doctors are just now turning the corner and transforming nutrition into an exact science based on YOUR body.
  • A cold that only lasts a day? Discover my 24 hour flush protocol that gets rid of the nastiest colds in as little as 24 that you spend less time “on the sidelines”  
  • Family history of heart disease, dementia or diabetes means you’re doomed to suffer the same fate, right? WRONG! Not anymore. Discover how you can turn the tables and control your own destiny.
  • ​Suffer from fatigue and brain fogginess? The reason it’s not your fault...and how you start feeling like a superhuman with just a few minor tweaks to your lifestyle...once you discover the real culprit
  • 30 supplements a day?! How one patient went from taking 30 different supplements a day, to taking only three a day...and why she’s sick less and has more energy than ever before.
  • ​The truth about those meds your doctor keep pushing on you...and how to end the uncertainty about what medication you REALLY need

This solution will work for you no matter how well you think you take care of yourself.

It works for both health nuts and professional Netflix-bingers who aren't healthy at all.   

Terri Weber

“This is also the first year that I was able to avoid getting sick over the holidays.” 

With so much conflicting information online, having (this method) helped me to have less anxiety and more focus when it comes to taking care of my health. I feel good about my food choices because now I know what my body needs, and in just a few months I am already feeling less bloat and more energy. This is also the first year that I was able to avoid getting sick over the holidays.

I had no idea that certain foods were preventing me from getting enough sleep and contributing to my anxiety. Now, both of those issues are gone and I do not need the meds my doctor kept pushing.

Plus, I’ve always worried about the heart disease and diabetes that run in my family. I felt doomed that I would suffer the same fate. Now, I feel like I have the tools I need to get ahead of those diseases. I really love the program and how detailed everything is. Dr. Michelle Sands makes everything so easy to understand. I was a little worried that I would not understand genetics (I never did well in science), but this program really is easy to follow and I love having my workbook with my own genes to follow along.

I can’t thank Dr. Michelle enough for all the work she does to put such an amazing program together for us.
Maddie Mathews

“I noticed immediate improvements in energy levels and even found myself sleeping better.”

When I started eating for my genetics, I really started feeling better. I noticed immediate improvements in energy levels and even found myself sleeping better. It was a remarkable change! [This method] has helped me take my performance to the next level both mentally and physically."
Hi, I’m Dr. Michelle Sands.

I'm a #1 best-selling author, Harvard Educated, Licensed Naturopathic Physician, Female Hormone and Epigenetics Expert.

My work has been featured on ABC, Fox, NBC, CBS, and in the New York Times.

Today I want to share my most groundbreaking medical discovery with you…

A discovery that can give you the tools needed to make your immune system “bulletproof.”

Dr.Michelle Sands

Licensed Naturopathic Physician
Here’s the thing, everyone is born with some type of deficiency in their DNA.  

And for some people, it affects their immune system (everyone is affected in some area of their life.) 

But thanks to my groundbreaking new method, you don’t have to live with the “cards you were dealt.”  

This groundbreaking method is called Epigenetic Leveraging

If that sounds like a fancy term to you don't worry, I’ll explain it in detail below.

No big surprise if you haven't heard about it yet…

It’s such a new method that it really hasn't reached the mainstream.

But the experts who have used this method are hailing it as the future of medicine.

Bold claim?

Not really.

Because unlike the diet plans, workout routines, or supplements that people “in the industry” are pushing on you…

This method addresses the deficiencies that are ingrained in your genes…

Because (other than identical twins) no two people have the same DNA!  And when you focus on the things that you need for YOUR body… 

The frustrations of being on the sickness merry-go-round end for good...

Since your immune system will thrive and protect you the way it was meant to.

Plus you can stop wasting time and money on the things you don't need. (Like unnecessary supplements, more doctors appointments, rigid diets, or the latest fitness trend)

You’ll have a healthy immune system and the boundless energy that comes along with it…

Imagine yourself finally having the energy to keep up with your kids...or even your grandkids...

Instead of merely being a spectator, watching them grow up from the sidelines. And picture yourself doing this while wearing those favorite jeans that have been hiding in the back of your closet for 20 years… 

I know that sounds crazy but when you start using this groundbreaking method, not only does it help to give you a “bulletproof” immune system...

But it’ll also provide the exact blueprint you need to lose weight and feel amazing too.

Look, there’s just no way to possibly know exactly what nutrition plan or supplements you need if you're not using the method that I’m sharing with you today.

Now you can have the “owners manual” for your body.

But it gets even better.Because the effects of this groundbreaking method can be immediate. 
Sound good to you?
Great, because in a minute I’m going to tell you exactly how to make this method work for you in as little as one day.  

As a respected physician, I see patients from all over the world and have a remarkable track record for improving health and happiness.

My signature program, The GLOW Protocol, has helped thousands of women transform their health - even those who thought they couldn't be helped.

I'm also a 7-time Ironman triathlon finisher, ultra-marathoner, former competitive kickboxer, world champion adventure racer, wife, and mother.

But here’s the thing…

It wasn't always this way…

In a minute I’ll tell you exactly how you use Epigenetic Leveraging to create the “owners manual” for your body.

But it gets even better…

Because the effects of this groundbreaking method can be immediate. 

Sound good to you?

I’m one of those people that was born with 
“bad genes”.

I struggled with my weight from a young age and got sick often…

Always watching the “Price is Right” on television because I missed another day of school…

Stuck inside while all my friends played together and socialized outside…

Missed birthday parties and class trips….

Plus my whole family has chronic conditions,weight problems, depression, and are at higher risk for infection…

So I thought my genes had sealed my destiny…
To be a sick, fat, sad girl that was going to die early of a hereditary disease.

It was an awful feeling. Maybe you can relate. 

Maybe, like me, you tried all the typical solutions out there :

Crazy fad diets

​Thousands of dollars worth of supplements that were difficult to even swallow..

​Herbal Teas and Elderberry gummies

​Strictly eating organic foods


Countless repeated visits to doctors and specialists that started to feel like a full-time job...

I felt like I would take one step forward, and two steps back.

None of it really made a difference.

I still struggled with low energy, digestive issues, and I seemed to be sick all of the time no matter what I did.
I knew from a young age that I would dedicate my life to studying medicine.

I had to do something, not just for me...but for all of us that are cursed with so-called “bad genes.”

There had to be a better way.  So I decided to dedicate my career to studying complex body systems, especially genetics and epigenetics.   

(Oh yeah, that fancy term “epigenetics?” It’s basically how our diet and lifestyle can literally cause our good genes to “switch on” and our bad genes to “switch off.” Pretty cool, huh?)

It’s now been over a decade…

Working alongside the brightest minds in medicine…

And I have good news…

We now know that “bad genes” don't have to dictate your destiny

Remember the patient who was in my office sobbing after missing her best friend’s wedding? 

Well, there was more to her story..

She ended up having to stay in the hospital 3 weeks longer. Which is awful under any circumstances. 
It was even worse for Debbie, though…

Who not only missed her best friend’s wedding…

But she also ended up missing her daughter's baby shower too.

Which really crushed Debbie’s spirits.   And ultimately the reason why she was in my office pleading for a solution.   

Because she was about to become a grandparent and she didn't want to miss out on her grandson’s life.

The poor woman was already so guilt-ridden because of the important milestones she had missed over the past few weeks…

She told me that on the worst days, she felt like life weighed 10,000 tons.

She felt like she was cursed with bad luck and “bad genes”.

That’s when I knew I had to do something, not just for me...but for all of us that are cursed with so-called “bad genes.”

There had to be a better way.

So I decided to dedicate my career to studying complex body systems, especially genetics and epigenetics.

(Oh yeah, that fancy term epigenetics?” It’s basically how our diet and lifestyle can literally cause our good genes to “switch on” and our bad genes to “switch off.” Pretty cool, huh?)

It’s now been over a decade…

Working in clinical practices alongside the brightest minds in medicine…

Obviously, I’ve learned a great deal about genetics, epigenetics, and the human body.

Because you can overcome those bad genes with simple tweaks to your daily routine.

Of course, the problem is knowing exactly what tweaks you need to make. 
And up until now, that has been the holding doctors back.

See, the standard way to address weak immune systems has been a “one-size-fits-all” approach…

Which isn’t the most effective approach…

Because we’re all different.

(Have you tried on one-size-fits-all clothing? It's more like one size fits none! Well It's even worse in medicine.)
So if you want to boost your immunity, an individualized approach would be FAR more effective.

Because as you now know...

Basically, I wanted to create an “owners manual” so that you never have to guess what’s best for your body.

When you stop fighting against your own biology...
and eat, sleep, move and think in a way that honors your unique genetic makeup…

You will be amazed at how easy it is to reach your ideal weight, enjoy youthful energy, and stay well all year round.

All thanks to the epigenetic leveraging that I told you about earlier. Epigenetic leveraging goes beyond just telling you where your GAPS are or what you’re susceptible to… 

But also shows you to leverage that data in your everyday life. By “leverage” I mean “make it work in your favor.” 

That means you can ignore the things that work for other people.... And focus on the exact actions that will move the needle for your health. 

So rather than spending a fortune on failed attempts to improve your health…

Or trying out every immune-boosting, weight loss, energy, focus, or longevity “cure” on the market…

You will know exactly what your body needs… and begin seeing real results faster than ever before. 

And that’s exactly why I created DNA Made Simple.

It’s designed to make you the expert on your own health so you’re never left guessing again or living with the fear that your “bad genes” have cemented your destiny especially if you have a family history of disease. 

No two immune systems are identical. We all have strengths and weaknesses 

In fact, after reviewing tens of thousands of genetic reports, I am yet to find ONE person with a flawless immune system.

Some just have more flaws than others…

Look, here’s the bottom line...

Everyone’s immune system is pretty different.

We all have gaps somewhere.

It all comes down to the genes that you’re born with.

And how those genes behave.

Your genes play a major part in the effectiveness of your immune system.

Just take these recent headlines from top medical publications:

“Nearly three-quarters of immune traits are influenced by genes.”

“Genetics are the key to a strong immune response.”

“Immune response determined by our genes.”

What if you could identify the gaps in your genes, and then strategically fill them in, letting your body take over from there?

Because If you know where your gaps are…

You CAN strategically give your immune system the support it needs to fill those gaps.

So that you could build a “superhuman” immune system.

Sounds impossible right?

Well up until recently, it was impossible.

But today I want to share a groundbreaking discovery with you.
And while you get to do this on your own in the privacy of your own home…
You’ll also have the support of myself and my team of clinicians every step of the way.
So you finally know what steps you need to take for a stronger immune system and a healthier body.

DNA Made Simple Gives You Everything You Need to Answer the Question, “What’s Right For ME?”

Leverage Your Genetic Code in 4 Easy Steps:


We will mail you a kit to complete your genetic cheek swab from the comfort of your own home. Simply swab the inside of your cheek with the provided swab, and mail it back to our lab.  
(Our kit identifies you with only a bar code for unprecedented security. Your name isn't attached to anything. Your privacy is VERY important to us) 


Wait to receive your raw data report, where our cutting-edge laboratory will test over 746,000 genetic variants. This extensive data file can be shared with your medical team or stored for future use.


Review your personalized workbooks and full-color reports with each of your genetic indicators and where the gaps in your genes are.
(All detailed by category, so that you can follow along and understand what YOUR genes really mean.)


Use this data to take action! Start using the 9 interactive step by step tutorials created and led by me, Dr. Michelle Sands. The tutorials will walk you through the steps you need to take to fill the gaps in your DNA.

You’ll learn what your genes are saying about your health and disease risk, and how to properly leverage them. These modules include self-assessments, checklists, guides, and recommendations based on your DNA test results.


Genetic testing from most companies focuses on identifying ancestry data with watered-down health metrics.

You've probably seen the DNA test kits from companies like 23andme or

But those are worthless if you want useful data that you can actually use to take action to improve your health.

Because they’ll give you vanity metrics, but won’t tell you where your genetic gaps are or what to do about them.

While this information is fascinating to learn, it provides little-to-no actionable information to utilize in health guidance.

Our testing is focused on the genetic data that is most actionable for providing guidance on lifestyle choices for key areas of health: Nutrition, Supplementation, Sleep, Immune, Autoimmune, Inflammation, GI health, Brain Health, Fitness, Detoxification, and Hormones.

DNA Made Simple also contains interactive quizzes, assessments, checklists, cheat-sheets and resources that bring epigenetics into the equation, so that a personalized approach to health can be created.

We are also continually updating this information as science evolves so you’ll be using the most up to date resource for understanding your personal data.

You’ll have support from my team and 24/7 access to the easy to follow lessons.

Your genetic sample is analyzed at our US Based CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited, and HIPAA-compliant laboratory and the raw data is destroyed within 90 days of delivery.

We do not sell your genetic data like some of the big genetic companies.

Plus, we protect your privacy by identifying your data with just a barcode. Meaning that your name isn't attached to any of the test results. After your results are received, the data is destroyed. 

None of your data is ever sold to anyone.

DNA Made Simple Gives You Customized Immune Boosting, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Plans Based On Your Personalized DNA

This state-of-the-art system gives you actionable DNA test results. Plus you'll learn the exact lifestyle tweaks that you can make to achieve REAL results...sometimes immediately. By combining cutting-edge Genetic Testing with Epigenetic Leveraging to determine the exact tweaks that will boost your body's natural defenses including:
  • What foods work best for your body

    Discover which foods are causing problems with your health and immune system. If you're eating the wrong foods for your genes, you will suffer symptoms like Inflammation, weight gain, insulin resistance, and a weakened immune state. Plus: what macronutrients (fat, protein, and carbs) and what micronutrients (vitamins & minerals) you need to optimize your overall health and put a “suit of armor” around your immune system. 
  • How to exercise to get the best results   

    Fitness plans that are based on your genetics will provide FAR better and faster results (with less effort) than any routine that you pick “off the shelf.” Even personal trainers don't really know what fitness routine will work best for you unless they have this information.
  • How to optimize your sleep   

    Find out how to optimize your sleep quality based on your encoded circadian clock. This is one area that almost everyone can improve in. Modern society has glamorized the “no sleep” culture. But none of your body’s systems (especially your immune system) can function properly without the right amount of quality sleep at the right time. Our genetic analysis will tell you exactly how to optimize your sleep patterns so that your body can function properly.  
  • Stress management techniques specific to you  

    Discover the best ways to regulate your response to stressors that can worsen inflammation if left unmanaged. Stress is the #1 reason for inflammation and imbalance. Proper stress management can also aid in hormone balance, immune function, physical and cognitive performance, mood, and overall health and well-being.
  • How to help support your body with supplements

    Stop playing the guessing game when it comes to supplements! After you receive your genetic analysis from DNA Made Simple, you’ll learn exactly what supplements YOUR body will benefit from and which ones are causing problems for you. Plus most of my patients end up saving tons of money once they stop buying supplements they don't need. 
  • How to improve your body’s removal of toxins

    Learn how to support your body’s detoxification pathways to reduce inflammation, boost your immunity and give you the boundless energy that you crave. Plus you’ll be able to identify which medications will work for you and which ones might do you more harm than good. 

Thousands of People Have Optimized Their Health, Filled Their Immune Gaps, and Reversed Disease With DNA Made Simple… Here’s Why They’re Glad They Got MORE Than Just a DNA Test:

Cynthia Justice

“I am actually eating more, exercising less, and I have a ton more energy.”

“Today I celebrate 6 months into the game-changing DNA Made Simple program. After spending what felt like an eternity sick, tired and dysfunctional, with Dr. Michelle and her fabulous team’s guidance, I feel like a real person again. I was so impressed with the level of personalization and surprised how small tweaks to my diet and lifestyle made such a big difference for me.

For the first time ever I am done with fad diets and beating myself up at the gym. I am actually eating more, exercising less, and I have a ton more energy. My chronic sinus issues are a thing of the past, in fact, I haven’t been sick all winter. I feel like my mood and memory are stronger and I last week I slipped on a dress that I had not been able to wear in years – and I had room to spare.

It didn’t join this program to look better (it is a nice side effect), I did it because I am almost 50 and I have a family history of diabetes and dementia – and I did not want to go down that path. I feel like I got an instant upgrade to my life.”
Claire Dempster

“I was amazed at how easy to follow the program is. I no longer worry about which foods to buy and eat.” 

I decided to try DNA Made Simple after listening to Dr. Michelle on one of my favorite podcasts. I had my DNA tested a few months prior really didn’t get a lot of useful information from the report.

I am always interested in learning and as I am getting older, my body is changing. I knew I had to make better food choices, but there is so much confusing nutrition information out there. The idea of personalized nutrition really appealed to me. I was amazed at how easy to follow the program is. I no longer worry about which foods to buy and eat. Dr. Michelle explains everything in detail and is passionate about helping. Her team of coaches answered all the questions I have had along the way. I also really enjoyed the quizzes in each section that helped me to see where I needed to focus.

Since swapping out my food choices and supplements based on what I learned in the program, my rosacea has pretty much disappeared

Judy Bannister

“Information I learned in the program helped improve my energy, sleep, and even help with my eczema and rosacea.”

(This method) helped me to fill in the gaps in my understanding of my own health. As a nurse and fitness buff, I considered my diet and lifestyle to be healthy in general.

However, making some tweaks to my how I ate, my bedtime and cutting out some of my supplements, based on the information I learned in the program helped improve my energy, sleep, and even help with my eczema and rosacea. Not to mention that being a nurse exposes me to countless germs on the daily, so the immune-boosting information was so intriguing, I shared it with my sister who is also a nurse and we have both noticed a difference.

I’ve had other genetic reports before, but none are as comprehensive and easy to follow as this. And the GLOW team is always ready to answer any questions. I love all of the handouts and the assessments that help you see which genes are turned on. Every section comes with tips and advice to help improve your health. I highly recommend (Dr. Sands’ program)

Maddie Mathews

“I noticed immediate improvements in energy levels and even found myself sleeping better.”

“When I started eating for my genetics, I really started feeling better. I noticed immediate improvements in energy levels and even found myself sleeping better. It was a remarkable change! DNA Made Simple has helped me take my performance to the next level both mentally and physically.”
Terri McBride

“Well now, I’m 38 pounds lighter.”

“Oh happy me! Thanks so much, also want to share. I have battled all my life with weight, even though I’m extremely active. I could not drop the pounds, the DNA test said NO NUTS and stay away from dairy.

Well now, I’m 38 pounds lighter. That’s the only change I and my daughter who had practically the same DNA made and we’ve both dropped weight. Thank you for offering the DNA Made Simple Program, worth every penny. 🙂”
Kimberly Fasio

“I now supplement with only what my body needs instead of the 30 supplements I was previously taking daily.”

“DNA Made Simple has helped me feel tremendously better. The results of the test showed me what I should be doing to improve my health. I now supplement with only what my body needs instead of the 30 supplements I was previously taking daily. Based on my results I made some small changes to my diet, upped my healthy fat intake, and simply changed the time I consumed caffeine. The program has helped me identify specific immune issues so I can supplement specifically and reduce sick days for myself and my kids.

I also made a few changes to my bedtime and nighttime routine. After making these essential changes, I have less digestive issues, no more mind fog, and I now have more energy throughout the day. I think so much more clearly, and feel like I am doing exactly what my body wants.”

DNA Made Simple is the LAST Lifestyle Program You’ll Ever Need

Many people are asking if we still have the cheek swab tests in stock with the current world health pandemic. 

The answer is YES…

But I can't guarantee we’ll have them in stock for much longer. Health supplies are severely limited and we are now realizing that the medical system is not prepared.

So we are unsure how our supply chain will be affected at this time. But it seems likely that we will be facing a shortage of materials in the near future

I strongly suggest snagging your DNA Made Simple kit while we still have them in stock.

I want to make this life-changing program available to as many people as possible.

Especially with all the fear and uncertainty that the pandemic panic is causing right now.  

Look, I never got to meet 3 of my grandparents.  

And my 1 grandfather I did have died before I could even really get to know him.  

It was a heartbreaking reality that was hard for a child to live with…

When all the other kids would talk about going to their grandparents for the summer. All because my family has chronic health issues.  

I actually used to have the same issues with being sick all the time.  That’s why I want to help all of us overcome our bad genes… 

So that I’m around to see my son have kids, and actually be there for them.  I don't want them to grow up without grandparents like I did. 
And so that your family doesn't have to suffer the same sad fate.  All because of the genes they were born with.  

Look, you can continue to spend tons of money on doctors, specialists, and supplements that aren't right for you.

OR you can get the actionable data that you need to make the right lifestyle changes for your unique set of genes.

Now you're probably thinking that this kind of groundbreaking technology and support system would cost $10,000...or more.

But I’ve gone WAY out of my way to keep the cost down. Because I want as many people as possible to have this life-changing program in their homes

Here’s what you’ll receive when you order DNA Made Simple:

The GLOW Genetic Test Kit

Cheek swab genetic test kit identifies you by only a bar code for unprecedented security. Access to raw data reports that contains over 746,000 genetic variants. ($397)

Personalized Epigenetic Workbooks and Reports

Your Personalized full-color reports give you at-a-glance insights into your genetic propensities. Plus, your Epigenetic Workbooks organize your genes into the 9 categories so you can easily follow along during the training. ($1,500)

9 Interactive Modules

Including self-assessments, handouts, and video lessons led by Dr. Sands to explain (in simple English) your genes in each of the panels. Each module includes dietary, lifestyle, testing, and supplement prescriptions based on your genetics. Modules are accessible on-demand 24/7 with lifetime access ($1997)

When You Add All That Up, the 
Total Value is Over $2,894!

That’s not even close to how much you’re probably spending each year on diet programs, books upon books about weight loss, doctor visits, prescriptions, supplements that don’t work for you.
But with a pandemic threatening entire portions of our population, I want to make this available to as many people as possible...

So today, I’m taking the price WAY down…

In fact, I’m giving you this entire program for less than one quarter of its value because I just want you to be able to start getting the right answers to improve your life NOW.

And maybe even more importantly, save the lives of those who can't defend themselves against the flu or a sweeping pandemic.  

Get the DNA Made Simple Bundle 
TODAY for just...


Do you already have your 23 and Me or raw data?

No problem. We can use that data to create your reports and workbook.

Your DNA doesn't change, you don't need another test, you just need the right information extracted and guidance to know what to do with your data!

Simply enter promo code 23andme at check out to receive a $100 discount.
Once you’ve selected your payment option by clicking one of the buttons above…

You’ll be taken to our 100% encrypted and secure checkout page…

Where you’ll enter your basic order details…

And as soon as you submit your order…

We’ll process it and get your DNA swab kit shipped to your front door.

Plus you'll be able to access the DNA Made Simple member tools instantly

Now You Get to Choose Your Destiny...What Will It Be?

You have a few options here.

Your first option :

Do nothing and keep living the same life you’ve been living. And then in 6 months, your life will be exactly the same. This time next year you may realize that you should’ve taken action to put YOU in control of your health. I doubt that if you’ve read this far, you really want to be living the same life 6 months from now.

Your second option :

is to develop “somedayism.” Saying that you’ll take control of your health “someday.” But most people with “somedayism” never actually take the action they need. Or they wait and the regret all the time they’ve wasted in their life. (Time is our most precious resource, after all)

Or your third option :

is to take control of your health NOW. So you become the expert on your own body and stop the failed experimentation.

Imagine that in a month from now…

You wake up in the morning well-rested and full of boundless energy.

You’re not fighting off those colds and viruses because you’ve dialed in the “owners manual” for your body.
Please choose wisely.

This can be the first day of the rest of your life, or you can keep ending up back at square one wondering "what's wrong" with you over and over again.

The peace of mind knowing you are giving your body exactly what it needs is absolutely priceless..

I hope you choose to do what's right for YOU. I'll be here ready to support you the whole way through.

Do you already have your 23 and Me or raw data?

No problem.  We can use that instead!

Simply enter promo code 23andme at check out to receive a $100 discount.

How long does it take to get through the program?

Answer: It depends. The GLOW Protocol is set up as a complete healing and health-building system. How long it takes to get through the program will depend on how many different dysfunctions we uncover and how deep those dysfunctions are. The average is 7 to 9 months. However, if you are on the healthier end, you may complete all of your modules in less time. Likewise, if you have a more serious condition, it could take 12 to 18 months.
When you join The GLOW Protocol, you get lifetime access. We will hold your hand for as long as it takes.
The important thing to note is that as each day, week and month goes by in The GLOW Protocol, you will be growing exponentially stronger, happier and healthier (and more attractive)!

Will I have to travel to get my lab work and assessments done?

Answer: No. Through cutting-edge technology and our partnerships with nationwide and international functional medicine laboratories, you can complete all of your assessments and the majority of your lab work from the comfort of your own home. Many of the functional medicine labs use urine, stool, saliva, hair and dried blood spot - which can be easily collected conveniently in the privacy of your own home and shipped to the lab for analysis. We take care of all the arrangements as part of your GLOW Protocol membership. If blood work is needed, we will direct you to a blood draw location in your hometown or send a mobile phlebotomist to your home. This saves you time, money, and makes getting your tests done easy and effortless.

Is it confusing? I tend to get lost in online programs

Answer: I have made The GLOW Protocol simple, yet effective. And to ensure your success, I have set it up so that I personally review your intake assessments and recommend labs. You'll have access to weekly coaching calls to answer questions and keep you on track, as well as a private Facebook group where you can ask questions. And you'll always have a direct line to me and my team through our private community and GLOW Natural Wellness App.

Are supplements recommended or included in the program?

Answer: Dr. Michelle does recommend supplements as part of her program. However, these are certainly not required. As a general rule, you can plan for about $100-200 in supplement costs per month. Be assured that the supplements suggested in the program are only supplements that Dr. Michelle recommends. However, please note that many supplements are short-term therapeutic protocols and will not be needed in the long term.

Is there a certain time or date this program will start?

Answer:  Dr. Michelle's GLOW Protocol is set up so it can be done ENTIRELY at your own pace. This means you can sign up and start at any time. 

Does this program work?

Answer:  YES! We have a 98% success rate. This program is Dr. Michelle's philosophy and the protocols she uses for all of her one-on-one coaching clients. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you already have your 23andme or raw data?

No problem.  We can use that instead!

Simply enter promo code 23andme at check out to receive a $100 discount.

Some examples for you might be: 

  • Immune/Autoimmune Inflammation Genetics - Are your immune “on/off” switches working well? Are you predisposed to asthma? How well does you body handle mold exposure? Are you prone to brain inflammation and depression? DNA made simple provides this important information. Once you have this critical data, you can focus on the exact “tweaks” that you need to make to your immune system
  • ​GI health Genetics - Did you know that the majority of your immune system is in your gut? IF you know how to take care of your GI health, you'll be in better shape for a strong immune system. DNA made simple tells you which probiotics you may need to optimize your gut health. (Plus: which probiotics/supplements you DONT need)
  • Sleep Genetics - Are you getting enough sleep? Most adults I know don't. Quality sleep is essential to immune health. DO NOT SKIMP ON THIS ONE! While 7-8 is the standard amount required for most people, everyone is different. When you use DNA made simple, You’ll know precisely how much sleep you need for an optimized immune system. (And you’ll love the energy you'll have once you finally dial this in.)
  • Nutrition and Weight Loss Genetics - Are you carb or fat sensitive? If you don't know, then you can't plan your diet properly and your immune system will suffer. Some types of fat and carbs increase inflammation and your risk for cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance...two conditions that put you more at risk for complications associated with viral exposure and create additional gaps in your immune health. With DNA made simple you’ll learn how to eat to best fuel your you can achieve your ideal body composition without hunger or cravings.
  • Micronutrient Genetics - Are you just blindly picking supplements off the shelf? (This is what most people do.) What you should be doing is identifying which supplements are best for to boost your immune health. When you start with DNA made simple, you’ll also learn which nutrients actually cause inflammation and lower your body’s defense.
  • ​Hormone Genetics - Are you in control of your hormones? Cortisol, Melatonin. Estrogen all impact our body’s immune health and how well we can protect from viruses and other pathogens. DNA made simple will provide the guidance you need to get your hormones in check.
  • ​Detoxification Genetics- This is something most patients are confused about. Cellular and environmental detox are essential to reduction of inflammation and a properly functioning immune system. DNA made simple will guide you through this confusing process with ease. 
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